Winter's empty mask

Winter's empty mask

Hello everyone and thank you for reading this. We are three people who love visual novels and have been working hard to make our own works. so far this has been our biggest project and because of that we would love to share it with you, hoping you too can like it.
The male protagonist and main heroine in the image

Well our VN has a male protagonist and two routes, each with a heroine. It is played in a very classical way, you have to make choices along the way and earn affection points. it is planned to have two endings for each route and many many bad ends in between.

Now what makes this different from most visuals is that there is more than just romance, affection points will actually save your life. The story is about people with supernatural powers who fight for wealth and power in the shadows of the city known as "Momiji." these people can transform their bodies to resemblance beasts of myth and also control the elements of nature, such as fire and water.

And one of those beings falls in love with our protagonist. in little words the story is about learning more about her, and the sweet face she puts on the day, while you also see how she fights other monsters at nights.

Here I leave you some more images and info:

The two last characters are darkened because their designs are still not ready, but their profile will be updated.

And now a couple screenshots of the game (demo):

Again thank you very much for your attention, if you have any questions of suggestions please don't be shy to tell them. see you later.


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