Haruka, winter dreams [Kinetic Novel] for PC [Windows, Linux, Mac] and Android

Kinetic Novel [Haruka, winter dreams]

Technical details

Type: Kinetic Novel
Genre: Supernatural, Action,
Duration: about 1 hour
Public: +16
Hentai scenes: No
Platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac, and Android


This is a short story about a girl called Haruka who is a prisoner in a temple. It is mostly about supernatural and mystery but with some action. Haruka is not a normal human, she has the power to create and control dreams. Because of that she is forced to work for the local villagers, giving them their most desired dreams. For many days she waited in that temple, growing in hate and hopelessness, abused by her master in many different ways



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PC [Windows - Linux - Mac OS X]


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  1. When this game will be available in play store?
    I have downloaded this game for mac and it's in .exe extension, so i couldn't play it altough i am interested to play this visual novel

    1. yeah, it's available in playstore . I forgot to put the link because I was very busy


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