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Ruby Heart is a medieval fantasy adventure in which the protagonist finds herself lost in a magical underground kingdom, searching for an important person in her life. There she finds the clues to finally solve a mystery of her past, but also the knowledge to save her future and her kingdom.

It is a Drama, Romance, Fantasy and Adventure story that we wholeheartedly hope you will enjoy.

Main Characters 

Celty Loweel 

Ruby Heart Visual Novel Otome Celty

Celty Loweell, Second Princess of Beley. A cheerful and kind girl, the protagonist of the novel. Despite her lineage she likes to wear simple clothes without flashy jewelry, she does not like big and luxurious society parties.

Sometimes she wears peasant clothes to escape to the citadel and go unnoticed, she likes it when travelers and merchants tell her stories from other faraway places.

She enjoys reading novels and history books when she is in the castle. Although she enjoys her freedom, Dalisy prefers parties to studying so Celty constantly tries to motivate her to fulfill her father's demands even though Dal. insists that she has outstanding knowledge in all fields and is not required
Celty was very young when her mother Queen Danaty died, so she does not remember much about her, yet she knows from the portraits and the constant comparison of people around her that her resemblance to her is striking.

That resemblance to the queen generates small arguments between sisters, Dalisy misses her mother a lot and suffers constantly because of that, so the "indifference" that her younger sister shows sometimes bothers her a lot ....

Dal. usually does her hair and wears jewelry similar to her mother's, she also tries to force her sister to do the same from time to time, which causes fights, even though Cel. would like to have memories and that unconditional love for her mother, she does not like to be compared

Asher Alkaid

Rubi Heart Visual Novel Otome Asher

Celty during the trip of our princess, will meet in strange circumstances, her first ally, a young gentleman named Asher who will guide a kingdom unknown to her, they have a strange chemistry, they can speak and joke very naturally despite if you don’t know each other, Asher’s cheerful and carefree personality can make your experience more enjoyable, it will depend on you how far you accompany you on your trip.

Elliot Herlike

Rubi Heart Visual Novel Otome Elliot

Prince of Nedra, Elliot, a very important character and friend of the protagonist. He is actually a shy boy who loves flowers and other beautiful things.

Years ago, Elliot and his family visited the castle and stayed there for some days. There were some discussions about a new trade and pace treaty, but things don’t go well. During the story you find out more about this and unveil other mysteries.

Others Characters

Alister Alkaid

Rubi Heart Visual Novel Otome Alister

Court Counsel in the Kingdom of Beley. Founder of the first and only school of sorcerers in the kingdom, besides being a private tutor to Princess Celty and Princess Dalisy.

Son of a nobleman from the court of Beley, he was a lover of the sorcery practiced in the kingdom of Nedra, he spent some years trafficking books and documents in order to learn on his own like all the prodigies he was, he did not spend time to let his skills be known.

Some say that he was expelled from the aspiring court for being a sorcerer and others that he simply did not want to follow in his father's footsteps, leaving the castle when he barely became a young adult, founding the first school of sorcery in all of Beley.

Soon the school became prestigious and was even said to surpass any school in the kingdom of Nedra, such was his ability that when the queen of Beley fell ill, King Celio asked for his help to try to cure her, but it was too late and even with his help the queen died. Even so, Alister stayed at court.

Although it is not known who his mother was and there are rumors that she was a prostitute, there were still no complaints about him returning to court since his father was a prestigious member of the court.
It is also said that the reason was because he was a playmate of the late Queen Danaty and her fiancé, the current King Celio, when they were young, which made his return as court advisor and guardian of the two princesses even easier.

Dalisy Lowell

Rubi Heart Visual Novel Otome Dalisy

Dalisy Loweell, Princess Herdera de Beley, intelligent, studious and very curious since childhood, lover of luxurious dresses, jewels and the color emerald green. 

Her eyes are striking among the can because of their unusual color. 

She is very close to her younger sister. She always showed interest in learning sorcery and although her personal tutor was the sorcerer and court advisor Alister, her father forbade her to study magic.
She loves society parties and although she is very outstanding in her preparation to become an heiress, she hates to study.

Milith Nail

Rubi Heart Visual Novel Otome Milith

??? Rebel Leader

Rubi Heart Visual Novel Otome


Rubi Heart Visual Novel Otome Nathaniel


Rubi Heart Visual Novel Otome Kate

Elmer Herlike

Rubi Heart Visual Novel Otome Elmer

Celio Artieri

Rubi Heart Visual Novel Otome Celio


Rubi Heart Visual Novel Otome Arthur

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Rubi Heart Visual Novel Otome

Rubi Heart Visual Novel Otome

Rubi Heart Visual Novel Otome

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