Eternal Night Studios - Presentation

Eternal Night Studios - Presentation

Eternal Night Studios is comprised of a group of people with experience and passion in visual novels and kinetic novels. Our aim is to present our projects to provide entertainment through our creations.

Current members who conform Eternal Night Studios are:

Alberto Herrera : Artist

“Several years have passed since I decided to learn how to draw. Despite my lack of talent I have managed to find colleagues who support me and share my ideas, many of these have become possible thanks to their support. We still have goals to meet, expect more of us and better visual novels soon, or at least that is what we have planned.”


Stw (jsmd) : Programmer 

"Initially I started to create my own Visual novels, then I met my current colleagues and thanks to their support we were able to create new and better quality projects. Each project represents a new challenge and a continuous improvement to my person. I hope to be at the height of each new challenge that the future has for us"

Personal website only aviable in spanish

Ziel Graywords : Writer

"I started writing for curiosity and after reading some visual novels I ended up with the desire to someday make one. I eventually ended up meeting those who are now my colleagues and whom I am very grateful. I hope we can continue to grow in works, in public and quality."

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